Swift SDK

Native passkey support for iOS applications.
Go straight to our documentation on GitHub.
The Passage Swift SDK provides an interface to implement a passkey focused authentication experience for native apps built in Swift.

Build an iOS app with Passage

Our complete documentation can be found in the Document Catalog, including information on supported versions, available methods, and usage. The full iOS SDK can be found on GitHub.

Example Implementation

While the SDK simplifies the network and hardware calls it can still be challenging to understand best practices for handling UI flows. To see a code level implementation using the SDK, checkout and run our Swift Example App.

Demo App

If you would like to experience the power of Passage on native iOS, without implementing code, download our sample app on TestFlight.

Current Status

This package is currently in Beta - breaking changes may occur. To report a bug or request a new feature, please create a Github Issue or get in touch with our team on Discord.