How it works

Passkey Ready helps you understand if your end users are ready for passkeys and determines the best passkey rollout method. A visitor is passkey ready if both their device and browser support passkeys.

How passkey readiness is measured

When someone visits an app or website with a Passkey Ready integration, Passage collects information about their device and browser to help you determine if they can use passkeys.

The integration counts one visitor per device. If a person visits your website multiple times from the same device, they are counted as one visitor.

How to get started with Passkey Ready

Learn how to get started with Passkey Ready, or follow the in-console integration guide. If you want to share your Passkey Ready results, you can invite team members to your organization on the console organization settings page. After Passkey Ready has collected 100 data points from unique visitors, the Passage console will notify you that your dashboard is ready with your userbase's results.

How to interpret the Passkey Ready dashboard

Client selection

Passkey Ready displays all clients within the organization at the top of the dashboard. By default, the dashboard aggregates data for all clients. To see the data for only one app or website, deselect all others.

Overall passkey readiness

Percentage of visitors to your app or website that are passkey ready. The percentage is based on the number of unique passkey-ready visitors out of total unique visitors since integrating Passkey Ready.

Passkey readiness over time

How passkey readiness among your mobile app or website’s unique visitors is progressing over time. This information allows you to determine trends in passkey readiness, to stay ahead of your user’s needs.

Passkey readiness by platform

Compares passkey readiness across browsers and devices. The percentage shown above each bar is based on the number of passkey-ready visitors on the platform out of total visitors on the platform. This information can be used to determine how to roll out passkeys across platforms.

Platforms in the β€œother” category include: BlackBerry, ChromeOS, FreeBSD, Linux, WindowsPhone.

Passkey readiness by geography

Compares passkey readiness across regions of the world. The percentage associated with each region is based on the number of unique passkey-ready visitors from the region out of total unique visitors from the region. The number of total visitors in each region is listed below the percentage. This information can be used to determine how to roll out passkeys across countries and regions.

The map graphic divides countries into regions based on, with some exceptions, those developed and maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division. Learn which countries are associated with each region.

Passkey analysis

Details the capabilities of your passkey-ready visitors and their devices. Each chart in the section is based on the number of visitors whose device has a specific capability out of total passkey-ready visitors.

Next step: Implement Passkey Ready

Integrate Passkey Ready in your mobile app or website to populate your dashboard.

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