Authenticate requests and manage Passage users with PHP.


To learn more, see our Github repo with up to date requirements and installation steps.

Requirements: Passage App ID and API Key from Console

Composer Package: passageidentity/passage-php

Session Management

Passage uses two types of tokens: auth tokens and refresh tokens for security. To learn more, see our full guide on Tokens.


Retrieve information about the Passage app.

User Management

Users of the app can be managed, all are reflected on the app's Users page in Console. To learn more about user management and correlating users between Passage and your database view our guide here.

User Passkey Device Management

When a user creates a passkey, the device is saved. Devices can be retrieved and deleted from the user's profile.

Generate custom magic links for users that can be embedded into any content medium. To learn more, see our full guide on Embedded Magic Links.

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