API Gateways

Use Passage to seamlessly authenticate users at your API gateway - no code required.

Many cloud-based applications are built using an API Gateway. Gateways such as those provided by GCP and AWS are great tools for developers who want to build APIs that are low maintenance and low latency. When building an API with these tools, Passage can be used to authorize users for authenticated routes at the gateway-level. This requires no additional code to be written by developers - just some small additions to the API configuration YAML.

We have specific examples for GCP and AWS API Gateways, but there are many others that work in a similar fashion.

At a high-level you will do the following steps:

  1. Build your backend APIs however you want (serverless, kubernetes, etc)

  2. Create an API Gateway to handle routing to your API endpoints

  3. Add Passage as an authorizer for incoming requests. The specific steps will vary based on platform.

  4. Have access to the user information in your backend API

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