Template Variables

Variables that can be used in custom SMS or Email templates

App object variables:

  • {{.app.id}}

  • {{.app.name}}

  • {{.app.auth_origin}}

  • {{.app.login_url}}

Magic_link object variables:

  • {{.magic_link.url}}

  • {{.magic_link.ttl}}

  • {{.magic_link.locale}}

User object variables:

  • {{.user.id}}

  • {{.user.email}}

  • {{.user.phone}}

  • {{.user.status}}

  • {{.user.email_verified}}

  • {{.user.user_metadata.<field_name>}}

    • For more information regarding user metadata fields navigate here.


  • Q: What happens if a user has no value for a meta data field I am using in my template?

    • A: An empty string will be inputted into the template and the email will still be sent successfully.

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