Creating a New App

Estimated Time: 2 minutes

A Passage App contains an isolated collection of users. You may have several logically separate applications (e.g. unrelated websites), or, you may use separate Passage apps for different application environments (e.g. dev, staging, and production). Learn more about apps here.

1. Sign In or Create an Account in the Passage Console

2. Select "Create New App" from the Application Dropdown

3. Configure Application Settings



Application Name

An application's name distinguishes it from other applications or environments in your Passage Console. A Passage application's name should represent a specific URL and userbase.

Example: "Pet Store"

Example: "Book Store (Production)"

Authentication Origin

An authentication origin is the full URL of the application that Passage will run on. It includes the protocol, domain, and port (if non-standard). Note that Passage biometrics will not work on domains without TLS (i.e. https://), but Passage biometrics will work on http://localhost for testing.

Example: "http://localhost:5000"

Example: ""

*Note: Authentication origins of are not allowed, and will automatically be changed to localhost.

Redirect URL

The redirect URL determines where users will be redirected following successful login. Because Passage stores an authentication token in a cookie, the redirect URL should be on the same domain as the authentication origin. Note that a redirect URL may be set to a relative path.

Example: ""

Example: "/dashboard"

4. Click the "Create New App" Button

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