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PassageError Class

Understand the errors thrown by Passage.js


Passage.js provides a custom error class that is used to manage all errors in the library. The PassageError class consists of the following attributes.
statusCode: number
The HTTP status code returned from the API
statusText: string
Text representation of the status code (e.g. "Bad Request")
message: string
Informative message describing the specific error that occurred.

Catching Passage Errors

Import the PassageError class from @passageidentity/passage-js package.
import { Passage, PassageError } from '@passageidentity/passage-js'
Then you can catch errors in your frontend application like this.
try {
// try to activate a magic link
const res = await this.passage.magicLinkActivate(magicLinkValue)
} catch (err: PassageError) {
// this method may throw an error of "Not Found" if the magic link
// is invalid or expired