AWS Cognito

Passage + Cognito

Passage works as a custom OIDC provider for Amazon Cognito user pools. Passage will be used to authenticate and authorize users from the Cognito user directory. To learn more about Cognito and third party IdPs visit their docs here.

How does Passage work with Cognito?

In Cognito, you create a user pool. A user pool is a collection of user identities and acts as the bridge between your Cognito application and Passage.

When a user attempts to access your application, the application sends a request to Cognito for authentication. Cognito then redirects the user to the Passage hosted login page. Passage then authenticates the user and redirects them back to the callback link you set in your Passage app.

What's Next?

Create an Amazon Cognito user pool and head to our Cognito Configuration page to learn how to set up Passage to work with your Cognito user pool.

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