Signing certificate help

Most Android apps have at least two signing certificates, one for development and one for Google Play Store signing.

Development signing certificate

While developing your app, we recommend simply using your "debug" keystore file (learn more here) for generating your initial certificate fingerprint and key hash, and sharing that keystore with other Android devlopers on your team.

Where to find your debug keystore:

On Mac:


On Windows:


In a React Native app

<app root>/android/app/debug.keystore

In "Step 1" of Adding Passage to your Android app, we provide the following command to generate your certificate fingerprint:

keytool -list -v -keystore PATH_TO_KEYSTORE -alias KEYSTORE_ALIAS -storepass STORE_PASSWORD -keypass KEY_PASSWORD

The values for the debug keystore are always the same, so you can replace the placeholder values with these:

KEYSTORE_ALIAS = androiddebugkey
KEY_PASSWORD = android

Production signing certificate

Depending on how you sign your app for Google Play, you'll be able to get your SHA256 certificate fingerprint using the command above OR directly from your Google Play Console. Then you'll need to generate the APK key hash from "Step 2" in Add Passage and upload it in the Passage Console.

Note that you can only use one APK key hash (ie one certificate) per Passage App, so you'll need to create a separate production Passage App to register your production signing certificate.

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