TypeScript Support

PassageElement Type

All three elements support the same prototype taking an app-id as an attribute, reflected as a property appId, and accepting properties for onSuccess and beforeAuth to set custom callback behavior.
If you are using TypeScript with your project you can import a PassageElement interface to see all available properties and methods on the elements:
import '@passageidentity/passage-elements/passage-auth'
import { PassageElement } from '@passageidentity/passage-elements'
Note: You will still need to import the top level package as a separate import because this is needed to register the custom elements for use in your module.
The PassageElement interface is defined as:
interface PassageElement extends VueElement, HTMLElement {
appId?: string
onSuccess?: OnSuccessCallback
beforeAuth?: BeforeAuthCallback
Using this interface allows you to add additional type safety when interacting with the properties and methods on Passage Elements.
const passageAuth = document.querySelector('passage-auth') as PassageElement
const passageLogin = document.querySelector('passage-login') as PassageElement
const passageRegister = document.querySelector('passage-register') as PassageElement